About me

“Art is a license to be yourself without an explanation. Be free and remember there are no rules. Radical acceptance and peaceful human expression leads to beautiful harmony in the world, even if it is fleeting”.

Sarika Studio

Sarika Studio – I am a contemporary artist living in London. In the storm of images and advertising I seek the calm within. My studio harnesses the unconscious mind to develop organic ways to house thoughts, memories, dreams and emotion. Each artwork is a unique exercise in creative play, imaginary and expression, drawing on traditions of expressionist and surrealist art. I am an independent artist, and always seeking change and variety.

My process – I like to focus on automatic and abstract art techniques to explore/ represent mental landscapes. The foundation of my work is drawing – the fundamental basis of art. This has translated not only across media to oils, pastels and print-making but also across the boundaries of portrait and landscape art. My work includes suggestive forms, gaps and spaces, observing the structure of my mind. Ultimately, I wish to create space for nature and dreams to bloom.

Influences: Joan Mitchell / Suzanne Jackson / Tracey Emin / Joan Miro etc…

Enquiries:   [email protected]

Instagram:  @sarika.studio